A tool is of no use to an artist, unless it is put to use. And to leverage the tool, one should know how to best use. So is data. Extracting information from data and using those information to improve things is the whole idea of having them. Who else can do that job better than a data scientist?

Founded by a team of data scientists with extensive experience in various industries, the team has provided insights and solutions to numerous businesses, from small to large, by leveraging the data and the power of mathematical algorithms to detect patterns & signals. Well, not always a complex mathematical algorithm was/is needed to solve a problem; a few good visualization and simple techniques proved to be good at times. We love data, math, programming and challenging problems; and we love cycling/biking, hiking, running, photography and backpacking as well, not to miss ping-pong :-).


We think ourselves as artist in data & decision science. The team has extensive experience with real data from various industries. And some of our data scientists actively compete in data science competitions, and a few ranked among the top 100 globally at Kaggle, a platform for data scientists, where they compete on some of the challenging data science/Artificial Intelligence problems from almost every industry. At Churn Data, we believe in continuous learning and keeping abreast of the latest developments in the industry & research and put to use those knowledge in business and at data science competitions. Most of the time, our solutions to our clients were significantly better than from others.

Products & Services

Have data, a lot of data? And wondering how to leverage the data*? We have the expertise on data driven decision science and provide actionable insight on the following, but not limited to:


  • Credit scoring
  • Fraud detection
  • Price elasticity
  • Collection and recovery


  • Sales/demand forecasting
  • Inventory management


  • New customer acquisition
  • Retention of existing customers
  • Segmenting customers
  • Life Time Value (LTV) and Loyalty


  • Targeting segmented customer group
  • Campaign effectiveness & optimization
  • Pricing and promotion strategies
  • Marketing mix
  • Cross-sell and up-sell

Web Analytics

  • Conversion optimization
  • Anomaly detection
  • User classification

Research & Others

  • Computer vision
  • NLP
  • Scores of other research

* If you don't have data and puzzled on what and how to collect, we can support you with our inputs to kick start.


We train talents in Statistics, Algorithms, Visualization, Machine learning and data analytics tools like R, Python, Apache Spark, Octave and other advanced machine learning techniques.

Establising data science team

Need to build a data science team within your organization? We can scaffold you in establishing one! Right from hiring, training, work flow planning to infrastructure setup.

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